The terrible tragedy which marched the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish in a way confirms the complete fall of the Azec Empire and in another the advancing of a new culture and future civilization in the Americas which were brought abaut by the mingling of the conquerors and vanquished .
The apparition of the Madonna to Juan Diego on the slopes of Tepeyac is to be seen in this contest. Coming after an enrupturing twittering lady's voice, very greaceful, asks Juan Diego to approach…Jean Diego reports that, when he reached the hill, he found in front of him a beautiful Lady shining whit light , on her feet , wearing a "dress of light…" even the grass and the pebbles around her feet were resplendent…

"I want you- my belowed son-to know that I am the Blessed Mary, ever Vergin…I passionately long for a temple to be erected here in my honour…; Here, in fact, I want to disclose all my love, my compassion, to give because I am your very fond Mother" The Virgin Mary speaks in the "nahuati" dialect so that Juan Diego can understand properly. Then the heavenly Lady asks Juan Diego to go and meet Bishop of Mexico and demand him to build a church at the foot of the hill.

Juan Diego obeys, meets Bishop Zumarraga who listens to him kindly but doesn't answer his prayer. He retraces his steps towards the slopes of Tepeyac and finds the Lady waiting for him… "Oh,my sweetest Lady, i beg you, entrust your message to some very important people, to someone who is well-known, honoured and well esteemed so that he can be satisfied. Unfortunately I am a man of no worth, a man who counts for nothing in the world…
The Lady smiled at Juan Diego but invited him not to be discouraged because it was undoubtedly necessary he himself should fulfil the mission , for this reason the following day he had to go back to the Bishop and again plead for the Holy Vergin's request… "Tell him again you are a herald of the Blessed Mary" Juan Diego obeyed the Lady once more and , taking leave, he arranged to meet her the following day in the evening. As the nest day was Sunday Juan Diego went to mass and then desperately burst in to tears and supplications for the temple the Lady wanted. The bishop listened to him very attentively but, even then discharged him saynig he would believe him if he had brought a sign. Juan Diego went back to the slopes of Tepeyac to meet the Lady again and report the bishop's words.

Consequently Our Lady told him the following morning would grant him the sign wanted by the Bishop. But Just at that time Juan's uncle was seriously ill and longing for a priest to confess him and bring religious comfort to his last days. So Juan made for the town but by a road different from the one he used to travel just not to meet the Lady and sorrowfully apologize for not being able to remain with her…
But the Madonna descended from the mountain to go and meet him and asked him what had happened and where he was bound. Juan Diego explained his uncle was very sick because of the plagne he had got and was looking for a priest able to support him…"My most amiable Lady, do not be angry wiht me, forgive me. I promise I will come here running tomorrow": the Vergin Mary smiled and heartened him, his uncle would not die indeed , in that very moment he would thoroughlyrecover…It was at that very time that the healing of Juan's uncle was later proved. The Lady asked Juan to climb the hill and pick a great quantity of flowers, cut them into bunches to be offered to her. Thus did Juan and thus happened: wonderful flowers in a harsh winther season: dewy Castilian roses.

He carried them to the Virgin who gathered the roses in her hands and put them in Juan's tilma so that he could take them to temple for the Vergin built. Carrying his tilma loaded withe flowers Juan went back to the Bischop's house: after being kept waiting for quite a long time he was at last granted an audience related what the Madonna exhorted him to say and when he opened the tilma the flowers spread all over the floor but that very instant the image of Vergin appared on the tilma…The Bishop asked Juan to forgive his not being able to listen to the Virgin's word earlier , then hi slipped the tilma off Juan's neck and placed it his personal chapel. The following days people knew abaut the event and abaut the Bishop who had gone to Tepeyac and had immediatly ordered to build a Chapel for the Vergin, which was completed in so few days that only fourteen days after the apparition the miraculous image was solemnly moved there. Many things might be said of the image impressed on Juan Diego's tilma but the most amazing one is connected with the pictures of the people reflected on the Madonna's eyes. These pictures where discovered by a scientific committee that magnified the painting 2000 times using the metods experimented by Nasa for Viking. We don't esactely know who the characters reflected are but might assume those are the portrayals of Juan Diego the Bishop and other unknown people who look astonished and in preyer during the miracle in the Bishop's room.
The Madonna is depicted as a mestiza or morenita, wearing a red tunic and black tassels like the ones characterizing pregnant women in the indian tradition … her mantle is of Jade colour and emperors only could put that type on… …She, the new empress of the people of the Americas, she indefinitely sublime and immensely munificient to her sons and daughters… The above pages have been chosen and teken from the volume "The apparitions of the Vergin Mary" by Paola Giovetti. Ed. St. Paolo 1996 The people of the Americas have found their way to liberation in Holy Mary… This, may be, is a "theology of redemption" that is surely to be pursned so far but that is in no way less fascinating.

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